The Willis building – zero CO2 emissions

Carbon footprint reduced to zero

Inverter-driven geothermal heat pumps

Belcotec is an HVAC installation company that specializes in the realization of high-quality installations, providing tailor-made solutions in heating, air-conditioning and sanitary installations for commercial properties. Clevr is an installation company dedicated to homeowners and self-builders. Belcotec and Clevr have combined their respective strengths to create something unique. The way they complemented each other and their mutual ambition led to the Willis project. An ultra-modern building that stimulates innovation and sustainability.

“The Willis building is more than just an office: it is an open area with different types of workspaces, creating an atmosphere that inspires innovation. Multi-functional, comfortable, bright and adaptable are the key words to describe its design.” - Charlotte Ooms, Architect, Archiles Architecten

The Willis building was realized by Belcotec as an innovation center for its own use. “We named it in honor of the inventor of air-conditioning, Willis Carrier”, explained Jan Vangeel, CEO at Belcotec, and added: “We wanted to make a statement with our own building. The energy level is 28, which is very low for office buildings.
For cooling and heating, we use a low-energy ceiling and ventilation with heat recovery. Using green technology means that we do not need fossil fuels. All the energy we need is taken from the ground via a cold heat storage (KWO - Koude Warmte Opslag) system. Combined with a ground-source heat pump, this ensures that we have zero emissions. The building’s electricity is provided by solar panels.


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