Thermia Robust Eco

    • Geothermal heat pump for advanced applications with a capacity of up to 336 kW
    • Reduce your energy consumption by up to 75%
    • Cascade function with sequential alternated operation of up to 8 units
    • Hot gas technology for efficient hot water production
    • One solution for heating, domestic hot water and cooling
    • Online – built-in web server
    • Ready for building management systems (BMS)
Thermia Robust Eco

energy class when the heat pump is part of an integrated system


energy class when the heat pump is the sole heat generator. Energy class calculated according to Eco-design Directive 811/2013



  • Excellent performance with extra features

    Excellent performance with extra features

    Thermia Robust Eco is the natural choice for larger buildings with advanced heating and cooling systems and extra high demands on functionality. This makes it the perfect solution for larger buildings needing an advanced control system and special applications. With an impressive coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.4 (Robust Eco 22 at B0/W35 according to EN14511), Thermia Robust Eco enables you to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.

  • Heating capacity and flexibility

    Heating capacity and flexibility

    Thermia Robust Eco is available in output sizes 22, 26, 33 and 42 kW. It is possible to cascade-connect up to eight machines to achieve up to 336 kW (8×42 kW). Cascade-connected pumps start one after the other depending on the energy need, thus ensuring minimum energy consumption regardless of the output. Installing a Thermia Robust Eco pays off in a short time thanks to large energy savings for both heating and cooling. There are good opportunities to adapt the heating installation to the prevailing conditions. For example, an old system can be retained in parallel with the new system or can be cost-effectively used as an auxiliary heating source during periods of peak demand. With a wide range of accessories, Robust Eco can also heat a pool or work in combination with solar panels or additional heat sources.

  • Passive and active cooling – year-round comfort

    Passive and active cooling – year-round comfort

    The large areas of glass in many modern buildings are great during the darker months of the year but often lead to overheating in summer. Passive cooling ensures a perfect indoor climate all year round. If necessary, this can be supported with active cooling using the heat pump’s compressor. Both passive and active cooling are far more economical than traditional air-conditioning systems. Robust can provide efficient cooling for your property during the summer.

  • Remarkable efficiency with simultaneous heating and cooling

    Remarkable efficiency with simultaneous heating and cooling

    Simultaneous heating and cooling enables you to reduce operating costs even more. To achieve this, multiple heat pumps are connected in parallel between hot and cold buffer tanks. The hot tanks connect to the heating zones and the cold tanks to the cooling zones. Robust Eco then simply exchanges hot for cold, depending on the needs of the building. For example, as a hotel conference room is cooled down, the excess heat removed is re-used to produce hot water for the swimming pool or SPA.

  • Exceptional hot water production with hot gas technology

    Exceptional hot water production with hot gas technology

    Thermia has developed a unique patent-pending method for producing domestic hot water. At the same time as water is heated for distribution through the building’s heating system, hot water is produced at very high temperature through an extra de-superheater. This means that during the part of the year when the building is heated, you get lots of hot water at a very low cost.

  • Advanced control and ease of use

    Advanced control and ease of use

    The intelligent controls make it easy to monitor and control other parts of the system, such as supplementary heat, hot water, cooling, etc. With Robust Eco, it is possible to control up to nine separate heating systems in the building via a 0-10V signal. These might include, for example, radiators, floor heating, fan coil units and heating or ventilation systems.

  • Online – integrated web server

    Online – integrated web server

    Robust Eco’s integrated web server enables you to control and monitor settings such as alarm management, operational data and temperature from anywhere in the world. Our online system provides installers with comprehensive diagnostics data and also enables them to respond promptly to notifications or access a live feed on system performance. Online control and monitoring optimizes energy efficiency for property owners with buildings in different locations.

  • Integration – ready for BMS

    Integration – ready for BMS

    The advanced control system of this large-capacity heat pump constantly monitors all functions, providing you with a reassuring overview. Robust Eco can communicate with other control systems (building management systems) via Modbus. It can also be controlled and monitored via a management system that gathers information on alarms, ventilation and other systems in the same building.

  • The essence of Scandinavian design and durability

    The essence of Scandinavian design and durability

    Thermia heat pumps are designed, tested and manufactured in one of the harshest climates in Europe – Sweden. All our products are designed and built from top-quality European components with authorized Thermia consultancy for system design. We are proud to count world-leading industry specialist Danfoss among our technology partners.

    Thermia Robust Eco is built on over 40 years of experience in developing and supplying heat pumps.

Incredible, but true…

Incredible, but true…

Heat pumps can provide heating, domestic hot water and cooling in a single device.
Moreover, only Thermia heat pumps can heat and cool simultaneously.

The heat pump simply exchanges hot for cold, depending on the needs of the building. For example, as a hotel conference room is cooled down, the excess heat removed is re-used to produce hot water for the swimming pool or SPA.

Thermia customers tell their stories

  • Today, totally refurbished, the club offers its local and international members a range of high-quality services, varying from private tennis lessons and body-building to hot yoga, cross training, a 25-meter pool, a gym, rooms for yoga, pilates, spinning, petanque, a climbing wall, spa, relaxation area, beauty rooms, meeting rooms and a restaurant.

    Palma Club benefits from renewable solution

    The Palma Sport & Tennis Club, formerly Mallorca Tennis, was originally founded in 1964. It was built by the renowned architect Francesc Mitjans, a native of Barcelona who designed the iconic Camp Nou football stadium and other significant buildings in Spain.

    “Thanks to Thermia’s modern and efficient geothermal energy system, the new Palma Sport & Tennis Club can entertain guests in the knowledge that they are caring for the environment and saving money”, said Miguel Madero Wage, General Director at Girod Geotermia.

  • Ashgrove Energy (Thermia’s reseller for the UK and Irish markets) designed an innovative energy solution for Oakhill Park in London. Three 42kW Thermia Robust ground-source heat pumps provide all the heating via the underfloor heating system, as well as covering the hot water requirements for the 60 apartments.

    London apartments with renewable energy

    Oakhill Park is a luxurious property from the moment you walk through the door. Complete with concierge services, underground parking, private residents’ gym with state-of-the-art equipment and picturesque gardens, providing space for tranquility and relaxation.

    Oakhill Park has achieved a Code 4 rating for sustainable homes. This is the highest level locally for a new development in terms of reducing energy needs while producing 44% less CO2 than a gas-based system.

  • Four Thermia Robust heat pumps, each with a capacity of 42 kW, were installed in the Löfbergs arena in Karlstad in 2012. The heat pumps both warm the huge buildings and cool the ice in the main arena and the training hall. Before the installation of the heat pumps, annual costs for district heating exceeded 1.5 million SEK.

    Energy-efficient team

    Löfbergs Arena is a year-round resort with many activities in addition to its principal role as the home of the Färjestad hockey team. As well as providing heat, the heat pumps provide comfortable coolness in the summertime for the office, conference guests and fitness facilities.

    Energy costs have been reduced by more than 45%.”


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