Welcome to our new website! thermia.com

Welcome to our new website! thermia.com

Modern technologies. Designed with passion. Top quality. This is exactly how Thermia heat pumps can be described. The latest version of the Thermia.com website was inspired by their Swedish design and friendly solutions.

Beautiful appearance and practicality go hand in hand
What has been changed? Almost everything. At first, you’ll notice its new graphic design which draws inspiration form the latest digital trends in design and user experience.

  • Overall new structure of the website

  • Refreshed color scheme

  • New collections of pictures

  • Modern animations and videos

  • Integration with Google Maps

  • Interactive form

  • Over 20 language versions

„What is a true eye-catcher and at the same time makes one’s visit to the website more enjoyable, has been combined with a friendly user experience; this enables our users fast and convenient navigation. Our goal, while creating new Thermia.com website, was to present in a simple, friendly and graphic way all benefits of using heat pumps“- says Mateusz Reich, Account Executive at GoldenSubmarine. Moreover, Thermia.com website has an appealing look and works on any mobile device. Thanks to RWD (responsive web design) technology, the website automatically adjusts to any screen size, so you can browse it anywhere you want and anytime you want.

Visiting Thermia.com…
…you will find everything you want to know about ground source renewal energy and heat pumps

  • Ways of extracting energy from the ground and its application

  • Operation of heat pumps

  • Savings resulting from the use of heat pumps

…you will learn about Thermia company, its products and almost 100-year-old history.

  • Air source and ground source heat pumps

  • Solutions for single-family houses

  • Solutions for commercial and public facilities

  • Video tutorials

  • History of Thermia company

„Thermia brand has Swedish origin and is pretty well known at the Scandinavian markets. In the rest of Europe, however, even though it is present in almost every country, its recognizability still requires constant and intensive work. With this new website, we want to present the benefits of using heat pumps in an accessible manner, and in local languages. Nowadays, digital marketing is the fastest and the most effective tool to achieve this goal, and our new thermia.com website is just the beginning of our offensive in Europe” – adds Rafał Kowalski, Thermia’s Marketing Project Manager

Out-of-the-box solutions

The biggest challenge was to understandably present heating and cooling functions. Animation with a special slider turned out to be both effective and attractive solution. By moving the slider to the right or to the left and changing this way the time of year, a user discovers the source of heat in the winter time and finds out what cools the house during summer.

Powerful inspirations

Thermia.com will provide you not only with the “hot” news, but also with powerful inspirations. It is here where our heat pumps users share their stories of how their life has been changed since renewal energy was introduced to their houses or buildings they work in. Very often, those investments can boast of impressive results in terms of energy efficiency, low operating cost and low CO2 emissions.

Visit: www.thermia.com and find out how to change the world thanks to energy we receive from the sun!


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