Becoming Renewable

Becoming Renewable

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With the twin goals of reducing costs and maximizing sustainability, pressures on building design, operation and performance continue to grow. Today’s trend towards low-energy building or so-called “nearly zero energy buildings” reflects radical changes in the way buildings are being designed and constructed to reduce their environmental impact.

More than a quarter of Europe’s CO2 emissions come from heating, lighting and running appliances in our homes. 80% of this is attributed to our space heating and hot water alone. Clearly, we must find alternatives and more efficient means of heating our homes and water

Heat pumps harvest energy stored in the ground, air or water and convert it into an environmentally sustainable indoor climate for the building. Because no fossil fuels are burnt, heat pumps are extremely environmentally friendly and help you achieve your emissions targets.

Air and ground source heat pumps have the potential to reduce your home’s CO2 emissions by up to 50% and can act as your individual contribution to the commitment to source 20% of European energy from renewable sources by 2020.


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