Thermia Online

    • Control your heat pump remotely – a conveniently comfortable way to stay warm
    • Clear and simple functions via a user-friendly graphic interface
    • Alert function for maximum safety: heat pump alert function via apps or email sent to the heat pump user or installer
    • Data storage on external server enables access at any time, from any tool (smartphone, PC, tablet) and from anywhere
    • Smartphone functionality both for iPhone & Android
Thermia Online


  • Online – anytime, anywhere

    Online – anytime, anywhere

    Monitor and control your heat pump from any smartphone, computer or tablet – wherever you are in the world. With the Thermia Online accessory and the ‘Thermia Online’ app, you can for example check that your heating system is working properly, reduce the temperature when you are on holiday or receive a notification if anything unexpected comes up.

    Our online system provides installers with comprehensive diagnostics data and also enables them to respond promptly to notifications or access a live feed on system performance.

  • Plug & Play installation

    Plug & Play installation

    Thermia Online connects the heat pump to your existing home broadband network. If you already have an internet connection, your installer can connect the heat pump directly. This means that there are no additional ongoing costs for data traffic. As all data sent from the heat pump is stored on an external server, you can access Online at any time – log in from any smartphone, computer or tablet, no matter where you are in the world.

    Download the app for Thermia Online from the App Store (iPhone) or from Google Play (Android). The system works on all heat pump models in Thermia’s current domestic range. If there is no internet connection available, it is possible to connect using a mobile 3G/4G modem (provided by your local mobile service provider).

  • Thermia Connect

    Thermia Connect

    Thermia Connect is a smart device to connect your heat pump to Thermia Online, a free service that enables you to control your heat pump remotely.

    Thermia Connect is small and discreet with a magnetic attachment that makes it easy to place just where you want it. It has a light to indicate whether it is searching for contact or has contact with your router and it provides a flexible choice of connection via Wi-Fi or cable.

    Thermia Connect can be used with the following heat pump models:

    • iTec Eco, iTec XT, Legend, Legend Duo
    • and with selected discontinued models: Diplomat, Diplomat Duo, Diplomat Optimum, Diplomat Optimum Duo, Diplomat Optimum G2, Diplomat Optimum Duo G2, Diplomat Optimum G3, Diplomat Optimum Duo G3.
  • Find your Online system

    Find your Online system

    To be able to log in to remote access, you must first select your type of system. There are two different types to choose from; simply click the button that applies to your system.

    Thermia Online

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