Thermia Aura

    • Reduce your energy consumption by up to 75%
    • High performance in heating (SCOP 5,1)
    • Inverter technology inside
    • Refrigerant R32 – more environmentally friendly
    • Operate at temperatures as low as -30 °C
    • Low sound level 18 – 40 dB(A)
    • Demand-controlled defrosting
    • Triple filter  – clean air at home
    • Online – remote control via the SmartThings app
    • One solution for heating and cooling

Energy class when the heat pump is part of an integrated system (Aura T2)


Energy class when the heat pump is the sole heat generator (Aura T2)



  • Efficient performance in all seasons

    Efficient performance in all seasons

    Thermia Aura is an air-to-air heat pump with inverter technology that offers you high-performance thanks to its unique technical solutions. With a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of 5.1* (Aura T2) and 4,6* (Aura S2), Aura enables you to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.

    SCOP is a measure that describes how efficiently a heat pump works over a full year, including warm and cold periods. It indicates the relationship between the amount of energy produced and the amount consumed. The higher the value, the better the system.

    * average climate,  heating according to EN14825

  • Inverter technology

    Inverter technology

    Thermia Aura is an air-to-air heat pump with inverter technology. The inverter-controlled compressor constantly adjusts the heat load according to current heat demand. You never use more energy than is needed, further reducing your energy bills.

  • Flexibility


    Thermia Aura has two available models:

    • Aura T2 with 7,3 kW heating and 4,8 kW cooling capacity
    • Aura S2 with 7,0 kW heating and 3,5 kW cooling capacity

    Both Aura’s are available in 230V single-phase versions.

    The design of the indoor units is compact and stylish. The depth of the indoor unit at only 21.5 cm also makes it easier for it to blend in with the room. At just 21.5 cm in depth, the indoor unit is easy to install and can blend discreetly into any design scheme.

  • Let’s be more eco-friendly

    Let’s be more eco-friendly

    At Thermia, we are committed to healthier lifestyles and to reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why our air source heat pumps have been increasingly adopting the more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant.

    The R32 refrigerant represents innovation in every way. It is an excellent heat transfer medium that leads to greater energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. R32 also has low global warming potential (GWP), making it friendlier to the environment.


  • Heating


    Air-to-air heat pumps transfer heat from the outside air to air inside your home, increasing the temperature of the air in each room. This warm air enters your home through a series of fan coil units.

    The Aura supply heating temperature varies from 8 °C up to 30°C. Temperature control is fast and the heat is distributed evenly in the room. This is achieved by an increased airflow and up to 15 meters of thermal reach.

    The size of the fan in the indoor unit is larger than normal to create improved circulation, a longer throw length and faster spreading of the warm or cool air than normal.

    Thermia Aura heat pumps offer a low-carbon alternative to traditional boilers, whether for new-builds or refurbishments.

  • Cool in the summer

    Cool in the summer

    The heat pump provides heat during the winter while in the summer the process can be simply reversed. The heat pump now collects heat from the house and – via a refrigeration process and compressor (the same technology used in your refrigerator) – removes it to provide cooling.

    The built-in air-conditioning function in Aura means that you can enjoy comfortable cooling indoors at a low cost during the warmer months of the year.

  • Intelligent control system

    Intelligent control system

    The controller coordinates and controls the heating temperature and airflow. Thermia heat pumps work with complete precision to give your home the best possible indoor climate at the lowest possible cost. Our controller is very easy to use.

    Aura also features a maintenance heating function with a step-less setting from +8°C. This enables you to save energy when you are away from home.

  • Low sound level

    Low sound level

    The design of the indoor unit makes the Aura both very efficient and quiet.

    Its innovative mechanical design makes Aura one of the quietest heat pumps on the market. Operational sound levels for the Aura indoor unit vary from 18 dB(A) up to 40 dB(A), depending on model and fan speed.

  • Clean air at home

    Clean air at home

    Aura T2 is equipped with a three-layer filter system, which removes particles in your indoor air.

  • Demand-controlled defrosting

    Demand-controlled defrosting

    During winter operation, an air source heat pump extracts energy from the cold outside air and releases the heat into the living space. Under certain outside air conditions, when the pump is operating in heating mode, frost can form on the air-cooled heat exchanger, decreasing heating performance. Defrosting an air source heat pump is essential to ensure the functionality of the system. However, defrosting always consumes energy and should only be performed when and for as long as needed.

    In standard systems, a typical defrosting cycle is based on a timer function. In contrast, Thermia’s defrosting of the outdoor unit is automatic and demand-controlled. It is only activated when it is needed and only for as long as necessary. This minimizes the energy consumption required to keep the outdoor section of the system free of ice. The result is improved annual efficiency.

  • Thermia Online

    Thermia Online

    Aura T2 and Aura S2 have Wi-Fi as standard, which enables the heat pump to be remotely controlled via the Thermia app.

    Aura T2 and S2 is one of the products that have been selected to be part of SmartThings – a system that connects different smart devices in home and gives customer the opportunity to control them via an app. Read more about SmartThings

  • The essence of Scandinavian durability and functionality

    The essence of Scandinavian durability and functionality

    Thermia heat pumps are tested in one of the harshest climates in Europe. Swedish winters can be extreme. February is usually the coldest month, with temperatures regularly below zero, and heating is essential from September to May. The Aura has been proven and tested in the cold, Nordic climate and features a variety of functions that can provide the perfect level of comfort for your home, for years to come.

Incredible, but true…

Incredible, but true…

The sun sends the earth 174,000 terawatts of free energy – every day.

It makes sense to use this gift of nature to heat our homes.

Thermia customers tell their stories

  • Two housing associations from the Jesenice community committed themselves to reducing their heating bills. This is the story of how two independent residential buildings implemented the same solution for domestic hot water production.

    Thermia Atec slashes heating bills by up to 67%

    Jesenice is a Slovenian town located in the north of the country, close to the Alps and bordering Austria. It has a population of 13,000 inhabitants and is renowned as the Slovenian home of mining and iron forging.

    “Costs plummeted by 70% resulting in the original investment being recouped in just 3 years.” - Yasin Jodeh, technical manager at Atlas Trading d.o.o.

  • Energy consumption for heating purposes dropped to 2847 kWh and the heat delivered to the house was 9373 kWh, so 70 % comes from thin air and is renewable energy. CO2 emissions, originally 4 240 kg dropped to 2 070 kg, this is a massive 51 % reduction (2,170 kg CO2).

    Thermia Atec – The choice of professionals

    Günter Oldigs is a consultant certified and authorized by a number of different German energy agencies and associations, including BAFA, DENA, DEN e.V. and GIH-Nord e.V. He advises homeowners and builders about the possibilities of energy saving, optimal energy use, environmentally friendly energy carriers and the selection of suitable equipment, systems, building materials and measures.

    True performance, measured day by day speaks for itself


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