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If you are looking for a one-stop solution to meet your needs in commercial heating, hot water and cooling, look no further. Thermia has 50 years of experience in the field of heat pumps and a long list of case studies and happy customers. We take pride in being the company that offers a full portfolio of products for the commercial heat pump market.

Rather than focusing on selling individual heat pumps, we aim to deliver complete energy solutions. With Thermia, you have complete freedom of choice in how to specify your system. Starting with your choice of heat pump technology and hardware, we work with you to design an integrated system that will meet all your goals, including such things as indoor accessory packs, hot water cylinders or back-up heaters. We support you throughout the process, from initial design and system specification right up to commissioning and handover.

Importance of design

The most important factor when it comes to installing heat pumps is system design. Although it is far more efficient and environmentally friendly, a heat pump is not as straightforward as an oil or gas boiler and efficiency is much more dependent on system design. The reason for this is that the efficiency of a heat pump is closely tied to its operating temperature. The lower the operating temperature in the system pipe work, radiators, underfloor heating, etc., the higher the efficiency. To be able to operate your system at the lowest possible temperature, each element of the system needs to be carefully designed. This makes factors like pipe sizes, control strategy, underfloor or radiator design, fan coils or active chilled beams extremely important.

Based on over 50 years’ experience at Thermia, we have developed our own dimensioning software called HPC 2.0 (Heat Pump Calculator). Based on climate zones, thermal inertia, the amount of glazing, heating and cooling demand and method of heat distribution, HPC 2.0 enables us to select the most appropriate heat pump or pumps and accurately estimate the system’s annual running costs.

Design your own heating system online

Make your design process easier and faster with our System Solution Generator.

Using our online System Solution Generator tool, it’s easy to design your own heating system with a Thermia heat pump. You can choose heating only, heating with hot water or add pool heating or a cooling or shunt group. You can even add additional hot water cylinders or auxiliary heating. Best of all, when your system design is complete, you automatically receive a full list of system components.

The online System Solution Generator tool has two main advantages:

  1. fast and simple system design and
  2. heating schematic diagram approved by the Thermia.

With the System Solution Generator, it’s easy to design anything from single-family homes to large hotels or apartments building.

System Solution Generator – work faster and smarter, right now!

With Thermia each application can be tailor-made

Our top-quality, extremely durable and functional Thermia accessories are designed to support perfect commissioning and to create a tailor-made system, specifically designed for your needs. In addition, all our accessories have been tested and proven in real-life heating applications.

From providing single accessories and supplementary heating to delivering a fully integrated single heating-cooling system, Thermia solutions offer remarkable flexibility. If you need larger volumes of hot water or need buffer tanks, we offer a variety of cylinders that are fully compatible with our heat pump range. All of them have been extensively tested in commercial applications in the demanding climate of northern Europe.

Training and Documentation

We are keen to ensure that our heat pumps are installed, commissioned and maintained to the highest standards. That is why we offer industry-leading documentation and training courses for installers and consulting engineers to demonstrate how to achieve the greatest comfort levels and efficiencies from every Thermia system.

Even though heat pumps work in a similar fashion to a refrigerator, installing a geothermal energy system involves complex technology and expert knowledge. At Thermia, we have prepared an extensive range of technical documentation to support this process, from clear and simple installation guides up to advance system solutions.

After correct dimensioning, proper commissioning is the second most important step in achieving a reliable, trouble-free energy system that will operate efficiently for years to come.

Thermal response tests – source of energy meter by meter

When designing ground collector used with ground source heat pump systems, a critical design property is the thermal conductivity of the ground. Thermal response tests are used to measure the site-specific thermal conductivity and are also used to measure the thermal resistance of a borehole heat exchanger as installed. Thermal response tests are commonly used today for design of multiple borehole ground heat exchangers, where knowledge of the ground thermal properties can help avoid undersizing of ground heat exchangers, leading to poor system performance, and oversizing of ground heat exchangers, leading to overly costly systems.

Thermal response tests provide answer to question how much energy I can extract from one borehole and in consequence provide answer to question how big collector (how many boreholes) do I need for my building to cover energy demand. Thermal response tests result has impact on amount of boreholes, drilling and heat pumps sizing.

Thermal response tests is additional measurement to HPC 2.0 calculations, might be used at selected commercial projects and is offered by Thermia partners.

You aim for a BREEAM or LEED, and so do we!

BREEAM and LEED green building programs are the two most important sustainable building certificates in Europe, covering more than 75% of the total sustainable-building certificate market.

Many buildings today typically operate separate systems for heating, cooling and hot water. As a result, a huge amount of energy is wasted. Thermia offers a much more efficient alternative, which can take over up to 70% of a building’s energy consumption, delivering maximum energy efficiency, minimum operating costs and reduced CO2 emissions. Heat pumps enable you to maintain three functions from one device, helping you gain a higher certification level. As your single point of contact, we make achieving a greener building simple and cost-effective.

5-year warranty

The quality of our warranties reflects the high standards of our manufacturing processes. Thermia Mega is protected by a warranty on all functional parts, providing worry-free comfort without the unexpected cost of replacement parts. If a covered repair is needed, an authorized reseller will respond promptly and make repairs using only original Thermia parts.

Thermia Online

All Thermia heat pumps can be equipped with Thermia Online, a function that allows remote control and monitoring using a smartphone or computer. Our online system provides installers with comprehensive diagnostics data and also enables them to respond promptly to notifications or access a live feed on system performance. Online control and monitoring optimizes energy efficiency for property owners with buildings in different locations.

The Thermia Online app is available for both Android and iPhone.


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