Thermia Athena

    • Reduce your energy consumption by up to 75%
    • Superior performance in heating (SCOP 4.9)
    • Inverter with EVI technology
    • Operate at temperatures as low as -20 °C
    • Plenty of domestic hot water (417 liters)
    • Cooling option as standard
    • Ultra-low sound levels (32 dB(A))
    • Flexibility – four indoor packages
    • Cascade function (up to 4 heat pumps)
    • Demand-controlled defrosting
    • Online – control your heat pump from anywhere
    • The best of Scandinavian durability and functionality
Thermia Athena

energy class when the heat pump is part of an integrated system


energy class when the heat pump is the sole heat generator Energy class according to Eco-design Directive 811/2013



  • Superior performance throughout the year

    Superior performance throughout the year

    Thermia Athena is an air source heat pumps for people who want the best possible combination of quality and comfort. With an impressive seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of 4.87 (Athena 14 HC at A7/W35 according to EN14511), Thermia Athena delivers maximum energy savings and can perform at temperatures as low as -20°C.

    SCOP is a measure that describes how efficiently a heat pump works over a full year, including warm and cold periods. It indicates the relationship between the amount of energy produced and the amount consumed. The higher the value, the better the system.


  • Remarkable design and with a premium touch

    Remarkable design and with a premium touch

    Athena has a new color touchscreen display completely in glass, with a premium impression of quality. As well as enhancing the overall design, the new display also provides an improved viewing angle and sharper contrast. The controller in the Athena heat pump boasts a color touchscreen display and user-friendly icons that are easy to understand.

    Athena indoor unit will have silver-gray front and darker gray sides. The indoor unit also has the hood positioned on top of the unit. The hood improves the tidy appearance of the installation and allows some piping to be hidden.

  • EVI technology – energy booster

    EVI technology – energy booster


    Thermia Athena is an inverter-driven heat pump with EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) technology that works like a turbocharger in the car. The integrated inverter function levels the weather fluctuations and EVI technology ensures power and efficiency.  Thermia Athena performs effectively at sub-zero temperatures as low as -20°C and can supply heating of 60°C at an outdoor temperature of -15°C.

    Athena is a stable and reliable air source heat pump with the ability to supply heating of 60°C at an outdoor temperature of -15°C and perform effectively right down to -20°C.

    EVI technology can increase power when it is really cold and provides greater efficiency and hotter water than traditional technology.

  • Reduce your energy bill

    Reduce your energy bill

    The Athena air source heat pump features the Thermia-developed inverter technology, which controls the compressor and constantly adjusts the heat load according to current heat demand.

    On top of this, the Thermia Optimum technology monitors your system and adjusts performance accordingly. Speed-controlled

    Class-A circulation pumps guarantee that daily operation is automatically adjusted according to the conditions and your requirements. Thus, you never use more energy than needed, keeping your energy bills to a minimum without lifting a finger.

  • Flexibility


    Thermia Athena is available in two output sizes: Athena 14 (7,8 – 14 kW) and Athena 18 (7,8 – 17,52 kW) in three-phase (400V).

    It consists of two parts: the heat pump itself, which is installed outdoors, and an indoor unit. You can choose from four versions of the indoor unit: Standard, Total 300 L, Total EQ and Total Compact, each with different features.

    Athena Standard allows you to combine the volume tank and the hot water tank according to your preferences.

    The choice of unit is tailored to the set-up of your heating system, ensuring that you never pay for more than you actually need.

    With a wide range of accessories, Thermia Athena can also heat a pool and work in combination with solar panels or additional heat sources.

  • More hot water, faster

    More hot water, faster

    The hot water tank is equipped with our TWS (Tap Water Stratification) technology, which means that hot water is produced faster and at higher temperatures than with traditional technology. Because the hot water is diluted to tap water temperature, the volume of usable hot water is considerably higher due to the high initial temperature.

    Athena offers four domestic hot water modes: Low, Economy, Normal and Comfort.

    Low mode: a setting to use typically during time away from home. If you have modest hot water needs, you can choose Economy mode to prioritize the lowest possible energy consumption. Normal mode is a good setting for normal families and is optimized to give a very good compromise between comfort and economy giving a high amount of available hot water. You can opt for a Comfort mode with higher hot water temperature and the largest hot water volume.

    Either way, you will always be meeting your needs in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

    Inverter, EVI and TWS technology make Athena with Total 300l indoor unit the fastest and most cost-efficient hot water producer in its segment, delivering 417 liters of domestic hot water at 40°C which is an impressive amount.

  • Advance control system

    Advance control system

    The controller coordinates and controls the heating system. Thermia heat pumps work with complete precision to give your home the best possible indoor climate at the lowest possible cost. User-friendly graphs and icons make Athena controller very easy to use.

    Athena boasts more standard features from the factory than any other heat pump in the Thermia portfolio:

    • Color touchscreen and intuitive menu
    • Indoor temperature room sensor
    • Full overview of temperatures and curves
    • Two heating/cooling circuits
    • Smart Home – interface to BMS (Building Management System)
    • Smart Grid (EVU)
    • Plug-and-play software update via USB slot

    Thermia Athena can provide heating, cooling, heat a pool and work in combination with solar thermal panels or additional heat sources.


  • Cascade function

    Cascade function

    The Athena Standard module allows you to connect 4 Athena heat pumps to deliver up to 70 kW (at +7°C outdoor air temperature). It also enables you to benefit from the cascading option: cascade connected pumps start one after the other depending on energy need, thus ensuring minimum energy consumption regardless of the output.

    A cascaded heat pump system allows more than one heat pump unit to work at the same time to meet a property’s heating and hot water requirements. Separate heat pump units can be used for different tasks (i.e. one for heating, another for hot water), or they can share the property’s heating and hot water demand between them.

  • Ultra-low sound level

    Ultra-low sound level

    Acoustically engineered design makes Athena one of the quietest heat pumps on the market. In air source heat pumps, noise is produced by the operation of both the compressor and the fan. Operational sound levels for the Athena vary from 28 dB(A) up to 48 dB(A), depending on compressor and fan speed (according to EN12102).

    Thermia Athena with 32 dB(A) in 5 meters distance is one of the quietest heat pumps on the market.

    Thanks to its excellent acoustic performance, the outdoor unit can be placed wherever is most convenient without worrying about sound affecting your neighbours, for example.


  • Cooling as standard

    Cooling as standard

    The heat pump provides heat during the winter while in the summer the process can simply be reversed. The heat pump now collects heat from the house and – via a refrigeration process and compressor (the same technology used in your refrigerator) – removes it to provide cooling. In this way, Thermia Athena can also provide efficient cooling for your home during the summer.

    Model Athena 14 HC and Athena 18 HC offer cooling as standard.  

  • Demand-controlled defrosting

    Demand-controlled defrosting

    During winter operation, an air source heat pump extracts energy from the cold outside air and releases the heat into the living space. Under certain outside air conditions, when the pump is operating in heating mode, frost can form on the air-cooled heat exchanger, decreasing heating performance. Defrosting an air source heat pump is essential to ensure the functionality of the system. However, defrosting always consumes energy and should only be performed when and for as long as needed.

    In standard systems, a typical defrosting cycle is based on a timer function. In contrast, Thermia’s defrosting of the outdoor unit is automatic and demand-controlled. It is only activated when it is needed and only for as long as necessary. This minimizes the energy consumption required to keep the outdoor section of the system free of ice. The result is improved annual efficiency.

  • Thermia Online - built-in function

    Thermia Online - built-in function

    The Thermia Online app enables you to check that your heating system is working properly, reduce the temperature when you are on holiday, or receive a notification if anything unexpected comes up. Our online system provides installers with comprehensive diagnostics data and also enables them to respond promptly to notifications or access a live feed on system performance. The Thermia Online app is available for both Android and iPhone.

    The built-in online function is part of the intelligent control system. The Thermia Online app is available for both Android and iPhone.

  • Heating


    Most common European heating systems are water-based, with heat being distributed via radiators or hydronic floor heating. The output temperature of the water distribution system is usually 30-35°C for floor heating and 45-55°C for radiators. Thermia heat pumps offer a low-carbon alternative to traditional boilers in modern buildings, whether for new-builds or refurbishments and regardless of the temperature required in the heating system.

  • Pool heating

    Pool heating

    Thermia Athena can easily be extended to heat your pool, all year round. In this way, you can enjoy your pool in all seasons while substantially reducing the cost of heating it.

  • The essence of Scandinavian durability and functionality

    The essence of Scandinavian durability and functionality

    Thermia heat pumps are tested in one of the harshest climates in Europe. Swedish winters can be extreme. February is usually the coldest month, with temperatures regularly below zero, and heating is essential from September to May. The Athena has been proven and tested in the cold, Nordic climate and features a variety of functions that can provide the perfect level of comfort for your home, for years to come.

Incredible, but true…

Incredible, but true…

Low-carbon heating is the key to sustainable development

Air and ground source heat pumps have the potential to reduce your home’s CO2 emissions by up to 75% and can act as your individual contribution to the commitment to source 32% of European energy from renewable sources by 2030


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