Cooling module

    • The Thermia cooling module enables your heat pump to cool your home at the lowest possible cost
    • Passive cooling – 100% renewable
    • Passive / Active cooling – 100% renewable with compressor as back-up
    • Perfect for radiant cooling via floor or wall systems
    • Can be combined with all Thermia ground source heat pumps
    • Reduced carbon footprint
Cooling module


  • Passive cooling

    Passive cooling

    The cooling module works with passive cooling – also known as free cooling – which is ideal in homes that only occasionally require cooling or if you want a cooler temperature in just a few specific rooms. By circulating the cool liquid in the collector loop (in the borehole, ground or lake), cooling is created at very low cost. The Thermia Passive Cooling Module is included as standard in Thermia Comfort Optimum. All other Thermia heat pumps are compatible with the module, except air-source heat pumps. Optimum module is equipped with low-energy Class A circulation pumps.

  • Passive and active cooling

    Passive and active cooling

    Cooling is produced in two steps. The first is called passive cooling and is fully sufficient for many applications. When passive cooling is not enough to keep the temperature down, step two, or active cooling, is activated. In step two, the heat pump compressor is used to produce cooling and this lowers the temperature in the house’s cooling/heating loop even more. The Optimum module is equipped with low-energy circulation pumps.

    It is worth bearing in mind that passive or passive/active cooling is several times cheaper than traditional air conditioning. For example, passive cooling consumes around 0.2 kW (circulation pump).

Incredible, but true…

Incredible, but true…

One of Europe’s leading R&D centers

Thermia’s facility in Sweden includes our 3,000 sqm. global R&D center for heat pumps. The center has a state-of-the-art climate chamber where any type of climatic condition can be simulated for testing purposes. The R&D center has special sound rooms where heat pump noise levels are tested with the goal of removing all low-frequency noise.

Thermia’s engineers also collaborate with designers to ensure that our products achieve the best possible balance between form and function.


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