What is geothermal energy?

What is geothermal energy?

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As an endlessly renewable energy source for any home, heat pumps should be considered at the earliest design stage. Incorporating renewable heating and cooling into your project will significantly reduce annual energy consumption, operating costs and your carbon footprint.

Ground and air source heat pumps operate on a simple principal: they move energy from ground or ambient air to water in your heating system via a refrigeration process. The energy stored in the ground or air is simply extracted and can be used for heating, hot water and cooling. In this way, nature provides us with perfect indoor comfort in an economical way with nearly zero negative impact on the environment.

The basic principle is as simple as it is brilliant: take the free energy that exists in the air or ground and convert it into heating for your home.


  • Warm in the winter

    Warm in the winter

    The heat pump concentrates low-grade heat from underground or from the air and raises its temperature. The heat is then transferred to the energy distribution system inside the home – usually radiators, hydronic floor heating or fan coils.

  • Cool in the summer

    Cool in the summer

    In the summer, the process can be simply reversed. The heat pump collects heat from the house and deposits it into the ground borehole, providing cooling. This is more cost-efficient than traditional air conditioning.


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