MBH hot water cylinder

    • Domestic hot water cylinder for single family houses
    • Two sizes: 200 and 300 liters
    • TWS technology for efficient hot water production
    • Optional front cover design
    • Made from stainless steel
MBH hot water cylinder

energy efficiency water heaters and hot water storage tanks



  • Hot water cylinder with TWS

    Hot water cylinder with TWS

    MBH is a stainless steel hot water cylinder with TWS technology inside (coil) that works quickly and efficiently. Thermia MBH is designed for compatibility with Thermia heat pumps.

  • More hot water, faster

    More hot water, faster

    MBH is fitted with our TWS (Tap Water Stratification) technology. This means that hot water is produced faster and at higher temperatures than with traditional technology. Because the hot water is diluted to tap water temperature, the volume of usable hot water is considerably higher thanks to the high temperature.

    Thermia versus other brands in terms of hot water production:

    Thermia with TWS technology Typical traditional water heater
    • Recharging from 40°C to full load for a water heater using TWS technology: just 21 mins.
    •  Recharging from 40°C to full load for traditional water heater: 50 mins.
    • Time to fully recharge tank after peak consumption: 21 mins.
    •  Time to fully recharge tank after peak consumption: 50 min.
  • Flexibility


    The water heater is available in two sizes: 200 and 300 liters. We also offer an optional front cover design to match your selected heat pump. The 200-H version has free space below the cylinder that can accommodate the underfloor heating controls, for example.

  • The essence of Scandinavian durability

    The essence of Scandinavian durability

    The hot water cylinder is made with pickled stainless steel, which makes it extra resistant to corrosion, as a result of which no sacrificial anode is needed in the tank.

Incredible, but true…

Incredible, but true…

Quality is part of our DNA

We have always followed the same basic philosophy: to have the best products on the market. Or in the words of Thermia’s founder, Per Anderson himself: “The products one releases must be not only the best of their time, but before their time, over time.”

To this day, this philosophy forms the backbone of all products developed by Thermia.


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