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Low-energy buildings

A low-energy building is any type of building that uses less energy than a conventional one. The first step in sustainable, low-energy building is integrated planning. This takes the entire life cycle of a building into consideration from the very beginning.

The right heat pump can cover a wide range of applications in a single system, from heating and hot water to cooling and pool heating. This avoids investing in and maintaining multiple systems. With many countries now making energy efficiency a standard requirement for new builds, choosing a future-proof energy source has never been more important.

Heat pumps also work in harmony with current trends like Thermally Active Building Systems (TABS). These systems integrate indoor climate management into the fabric of the building, minimizing the need for conventional technologies.

Replacement & Retrofit

The savings that a heat pump can provide depend upon the type of house, its geographical location and the existing heating system.

Heat pumps can be adapted to existing heating systems and even combined with different types of supplementary energy sources, such as solar or gas. This makes them ideal for renovations, where they can be installed within the context of a partial retrofit. In these cases, the heat pump replaces the existing system, which can then be cost-effectively used as an auxiliary heating source, as required.

Process heat applications

Industrial and commercial processes create enormous amounts of waste heat that is often simply thrown away. From hydraulic presses and heavy machinery to dryers, cooking, food storage – even animal waste on farms or the tap water used to heat water treatment plants – heat pumps can be used to recover and re-use waste process heat in many applications. The warmer the source, the more savings can be achieved.

Winning concept - three functions in one device

All our commercial ground-source heat pumps provide multiple functions in one device: heating, domestic hot water and cooling. Heat pumps provide heating for both radiators and floor heating systems.

Thermia has a unique method for producing hot water called “hot gas technology”. This enables large volumes of hot water to be produced at a very low cost during the part of the year when the building is being heated. Our heat pumps can also balance the provision of large amounts of heat in winter and lower requirements for hot water in summer. There is no need for large hot water tanks and you don’t need to run a big boiler or additional system solely for hot water production.

The large areas of glass in many modern buildings are great during the darker months of the year but often lead to overheating in summer. Passive cooling ensures a perfect indoor climate all year round. If necessary, this can be supported with active cooling using the heat pump’s compressor. Both passive and active cooling are far more economical than traditional air-conditioning systems.

Flexible energy system

Thermia heat pumps are available in output sizes from 11 kW up to 88 kW. It is also possible to “cascade-connect” them to achieve up to 1,400 kW heating capacity. Cascade-connected pumps start in sequence, depending on the energy need. This ensures that no more energy is used than is specifically required at any point in time, regardless of output. Moreover, a cascading option enables you to divide your investment into 2 or 3 phases, or to increase the size of your heating system as your needs develop.

Heating and cooling simultaneously

Simultaneous heating and cooling enables you to reduce operating costs even more. To achieve this, multiple heat pumps are connected in parallel between hot and cold buffer tanks. The heat pump then simply exchanges hot for cold, depending on the needs of the building. For example, as a hotel conference room is cooled down, the excess heat removed is re-used to produce hot water for the swimming pool or spa.

5-year warranty

The quality of our warranties reflects the high standards of our manufacturing processes. Thermia Mega is protected by a warranty on all functional parts, providing worry-free comfort without the unexpected cost of replacement parts. If a covered repair is needed, an authorized reseller will respond promptly and make repairs using only original Thermia parts.

Thermia Online

All Thermia heat pumps can be equipped with Thermia Online, a function that allows remote control and monitoring using a smartphone or computer.

Our online system provides installers with comprehensive diagnostics data and also enables them to respond promptly to notifications or access a live feed on system performance. Online control and monitoring optimizes energy efficiency for property owners with buildings in different locations.


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