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  • Zaanse Oever has 19 modern new-build homes with living areas from 90 to 220 square meters and a nostalgic, Zaan twist.

    New Zaanse Oever residential area

    If you want to really live in the country – away from the bustle of the city yet still able to reach heart of Amsterdam within 30 minutes – the new Zaanse Oever residential area in the Zaandam polder could make this a reality.

    Zaanse Oever will be an intimate neighborhood where you can enjoy peace, space and beautiful views.

  • Gunnel and Per-Gunnar Engström are newly retired and live in Vallåkra in the Helsingborg municipality, in a house they built themselves 40 years ago.

    After 40 flawless years, Thermia was the obvious choice

    Ever since Gunnel and Per-Gunnar Engström built their house in 1979, their old geothermal heat pump – a Thermia AGA – has been a reliable servant. When it was finally time to change the heat pump, this made the choice very simple.

    Choosing Thermia was quite obvious. You don’t replace a brand that’s been working without fault for 40 years.

  • When they bought their house in the small town of Killhult in southern Sweden, Emmelie Petrusson and Jimmie Mattisson were already planning to change the heating system. The existing system used pellets to fire a converted oil boiler and had simply reached the end of its working life.

    Heating that is both simple and safe

    After constant minor problems with an old pellet boiler, Emmelie and Jimmie decided to install an iTec Eco in their house.

    We simply wanted a heating solution that takes care of itself and is both simple and safe.

  • Here, local resident PO Olofsson owns three larger properties and a holiday home. Common to all properties is that, year after year, they are heated using heat pumps from Thermia.

    A heat pump that works in Vassijaure will work anywhere

    For almost 20 years, PO Olofsson has heated his properties in Vassijaure in Lapland using geothermal heat pumps from Thermia. The weather can sometimes be extremely stressful for both people and technology.

    Situated around 130 km north of Kiruna is Sweden’s northernmost railway station named Vassijaure. Surrounding this railway station is a small village of the same name.

  • In 2000, the heating system became important for the way the house is heated.

    Retrofitting fossil-based heating systems

    This has been ours for over 20 years. Throughtout this period, the house was completly renovated and rebuilt, including the foundations.

    Having the geothermal heating system next to it was a natural solution and it works well at the moment.

  • Michael and Liselott decided to build a single-family home. It is located in the town of Arvika in Värmland in Sweden. The house was constructed from wood and very well insulated, resulting in low heat loss.

    Modern house uses renewable energy

    A couple from Sweden decided to use renewable energy and installed an Thermia Calibra . Thermia’s latest and most advanced inverter-driven ground source heat pump.

    Using heat pumps is an innovative and creative way of taking action to protect the environment. "

  • The single-family house is located in Luige, 15 km south of the Estonian capital Tallinn. The house was constructed by Timbeco, a company that specializes in building customized pre-fabricated houses, made predominantly.

    Wooden house uses renewable energy

    A couple from Estonia decided to use renewable energy and installed an Thermia Calibra , Thermia’s latest and most advanced inverter-driven ground source heat pump. Using heat pumps is an innovative and creative way of taking action to protect the environment and is a solution that will contribute positively to reducing CO2 emissions in the years to come.

    ‘...one of the best heat pumps in its segment, the Calibra is ideally suited to wooden houses and a green lifestyle…‘

  • The farmhouse of Else and Kjetil Skåren in Rakkestad was built in 1980, according to best principles back then. Which means that there is ten centimetres of insulation in the walls, two-layer windows - and a large oil heater in the basement. Now that is thrown out - in favour of a Thermia ground source heat pump.

    Replacing oil heating

    Oil heaters and radiators are gone - now the Skåren falmiy in Rakkestad gets all its heat from the floor, where the water-borne heat circulates with a base temperature of around 30 degrees. It gives plenty of appropriate heat in all rooms through the winter.

    Oil heating with radiators is yesterday's technology. Dad gave me a clear message when he handed me the keys: It must end.

  • The house has an energy requirement of approx. 28,000 kWh/year for heat and hot water, and approximately 20,000 kWh/year will be covered by the geothermal heat. The remaining 8,000 kWh/year is energy that must be supplied to run the heat pump.

    Minimal energy consumption

    When Arnt and Jeanette Olsen were to build a new house, they carried out thorough research to choose the best and most durable solution. The choice fell on a geothermal heat pump that saves almost 70% of energy consumption.

    It is a comfortable warmth and it is good to know that we make the most out of the energy.

  • Always with the same basic philosophy: to make the market’s best products. Or in the words of Per Andersson himself: “The products one releases must be not only the best of their time, but before their time, over time.”

    28 years in use – quality from Thermia

    Thermia’s history begins with the company’s founder, Per Andersson. At just ten years of age, he started his career as an apprentice blacksmith, before going on to produce his own range of kitchen stoves. The driving force behind his business was his desire to develop better and better products.

    In time, the range expanded to include wood-burning boilers, coke-fired boilers, hot water tanks, radiators and numerous other heating products.

  • However after speaking to Mike & Conor, arranging site visits and Kitchen Thermia Atec Plus unit and a 180 litre domestic hot water cylinder Thermia Atec 16 kW air source heat pump viewing our plans they assured us the Thermia air source heat pump system was the way to go.

    Heat pump in two storey house

    For such a large house the heating system was a big factor and a decision that was not made lightly. However having Mike & Conor O’Brien on board
    made the process so much easier. As Ashgrove installers they came highly recommended and were a great asset to the planning and designing process. The client fell in love with the idea of unlimited hot water and constant heating 24/7.

    As we have quite a large home we were concerned that we would not be able to find a heating system to meet our needs.

  • Ashgrove’s team of experts specified, designed and sized the heat pump using Thermia Heat Pump Calculator software.

    Low carbon heating system

    This 185 sqm bungalow was built in 2016. It is completely heated by underfloor heating. A 9kW Atec air source heat pump with a Total 180 litre cylinder has been running since March 2017.

    “I’m very happy with the system. The consistent heat is great and the house is so comfortable I am delighted. I am starting another build in the near future and we will certainly be back to O’Brien Brothers and Ashgrove. Mike has been very helpful and is always contactable. It has been hassle free.” Noel Costello

  • After carefully examining all available options, the homeowner decided on Thermia. The system proposed by Atlas Trading was based on the Thermia Diplomat Optimum G3 8kW ground-source heat pump with passive cooling module and met all the project requirements.

    Performance that speaks for itself

    The investor was building a new house and decided to use a renewable energy source. The house has a living area of 235 m² and is located in the town of Domžale, central Slovenia, around 15 minutes from Ljubljana and the same distance from the Alps. The homeowner was very well informed about different types of renewable energy sources, as well as about the energy demand of his new home. The basement features a home spa with sauna, fitness machines and a Jacuzzi, which requires heating throughout the year.

    “…we ultimately succeeded in satisfying the homeowner and providing all the requested functions. Moreover, when we measured the SPF again three years later, it was 4.17 – the perfect result.” – Yasin Jodeh, Technical Manager, Atlas Trading d.o.o.

  • The intimately designed housing complex comprises a series of free-standing buildings, each of which features the curved roofs typical of the Dutch architecture of the 1930s. Some villas are single-family dwellings, while others are divided into several luxury residential units. Crucially, each unit has its own heat pump system.

    Comfort goes hand in hand with energy saving

    Each residential unit of the free-standing villa developments at the Villapark Lavendel in Vlijmen has been fitted with individual heat pumps from Thermia. Residents have noticed how user-friendly and convenient the pumps are, and are happy that they are contributing to a better environment. Ultimately, a heat pump is very different to a central heating boiler.

    The Villapark Lavendel in Vlijmen is a unique residential development. It is very centrally located and yet offers the wonderful open feel of rural surroundings.

  • Tormod Heldal is delighted with both the Thermia heat pump and TPA Plumbing Service: “The Atec heat pump is significantly better than the old heat pump. After the first winter of operation, our energy consumption halved and, most importantly, it is significantly quieter than the heat pump we installed when the house was built."

    50% reduction in energy consumption

    In 2004, the Heldal family moved into a newly built detached house on Fana in Norway. The detached house has a total living area of 235 m²,, with 191 m² on the ground floor and 44 m² on the first floor.

    “We chose Atec due to its impressive operating record and received excellent help from Thermia’s representative” – Tormod Heldal

  • The Gjefsen family chose a geo-thermal heat pump for their new house. Explaining their decision, they cited two deciding factors: first, that winter temperatures in this part of Norway can fall as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius and secondly, that electricity prices are set to fluctuate considerably over the next 30 years. Now, they will be able to enjoy free heat without worrying about rising energy prices.

    Economists spot a smart long-term investment

    Detached house: Wooden house built in 2012
    Living space: 250 m²
    Location: Brandbu, Norway
    Occupants: Two adults and two children
    Heat source: Borehole
    Heat pump: Thermia Diplomat

    ”Compared to some alternatives, this choice may seem a little more expensive. However, the long term returns are worth it. We have chosen a heating solution that is basically climate neutral" - Camilla and Thor Erik

  • The housing envelope and infrastructure has been planned with a green and nature-friendly bias. All the homes are well insulated, fitted with triple-glazing in plastic frames for low heat transfer. The homes are all equipped with Thermia Diplomat or Thermia Diplomat G3 ground source heat pumps with integrated hot water tanks. Renewable energy comes from a ground collector – a horizontal loop buried about 1,5 meter below the surface. 'All tenants will benefit from the renewable heating system' – says Toomas Kibus, head of renewable energy & heating at Airwave,

    Low carbon heating

    Uuesalu, a residential area is located just 8 km from the city center of Tallinn. Domestic bliss, tranquility and friendly locals are only a few of the keywords conveying the atmosphere of the Uuesalu residential area. It is very
    popular among young people and families with children, as the area has private and spacious sized housing, plenty of greenery and a well thought out infrastructure.

    '...looking at the pictures of the houses – we were immediately smitten! Impressed by not only the architecture and the choice of materials, but the geothermal heating...' says Stanislav Kalov, whose family was the first client for the Uuesalu Kodu development.

  • The project was one of a kind. It is a 5,600 square foot (520 m2) period house built in 1840. The couple had moved into the house in 2005 and the previous heating system was gas and an Aga-kerosine stove which heated the ground and first floor. Previously, the basement hadn’t been renovated or heated. The couple had decided on a complete renovation and wanted to open up the basement area to increase their living space as the family was growing.

    Sustainable home extension with Atec

    Ian and Liz Bowen had decided on a complete renovation and wanted to increase their living space as the family was growing.

    “We have no regrets! It has been a smooth process. This is an efficent and effortless source of heating. Dealing with Mike and Conor O’Brien was a pleasure and were always available if needed.” - says Ian

  • Today the situation has dramatically changed. In spite of growing teenagers with their frequent training, the lack of hot water is nothing but a memory. The family counts on savings of at least 30 000 SEK annually. To begin with, the family contacted many different sales representatives. When they chose Thermia, it took less than three weeks for everything to be installed and ready for use.

    Plenty of hot water for the whole family

    Soaring utility bills and constant problems with lack of hot water were the main reasons why the Wigren-Jakobssons switched to geothermal heating. Access to hot water is an important aspect of daily logistics in any big family.

    Access to hot water is an important aspect of daily logistics in any big family.

  • Their new heat pump is a Diplomat Optimum G3, which is the newest on the market and which was exactly what the couple requested. Obviously the environmental aspect was important. The couple thinks that the best feature of their heat pump is that it is quiet and maintenance-free.

    33 trouble-free years

    After 33 trouble-free years with their first heat pump, the Josefssons are looking forward to more of the same with their new heat pump.

    Everything has worked perfectly throughout all these years. My wife and I are extremely happy and we will never change our heat source.”

  • When the Carlsson family moved in to their new home, they were using an oil-fired boiler and a pellet stove to heat the house. The boiler was approaching the end of its working life and the pellet stove required a lot of attention.

    The Carlsson Family

    When the Carlsson family moved in to their new villa, they were using an oil boiler and a pellet stove to heat the house.

    "…we wanted to simplify our daily life. That is why we wanted to have a heating system that would take care of itself as much as possible. And we don’t need to do anything with our heat pump…" Mattias Carlsson

  • Energy consumption for heating purposes dropped to 2847 kWh and the heat delivered to the house was 9373 kWh, so 70 % comes from thin air and is renewable energy. CO2 emissions, originally 4 240 kg dropped to 2 070 kg, this is a massive 51 % reduction (2,170 kg CO2).

    Thermia Atec – The choice of professionals

    Günter Oldigs is a consultant certified and authorized by a number of different German energy agencies and associations, including BAFA, DENA, DEN e.V. and GIH-Nord e.V. He advises homeowners and builders about the possibilities of energy saving, optimal energy use, environmentally friendly energy carriers and the selection of suitable equipment, systems, building materials and measures.

    True performance, measured day by day speaks for itself

  • .With Atec, Thermia’s air-source heat pump, this Slovenian family is able to save up to 2,000 Euros every heating season.

    Outstanding heating efficiency

    The old oil-fired heating system was replaced with a Thermia Atec 13 air-source heat pump. In addition to the heat pump, an indoor “Plus” kit was installed –comprising a 3-15 kW electric auxiliary heater, Class A circulation pump and 3-way valve – as well as a 300-liter domestic hot water tank. The owner decided to remove the old solar installation and use the heat pump as the only source of heating and domestic hot water for the house.

    With Atec, Thermia’s air-source heat pump, this Slovenian family is able to save up to 2,000 Euros every heating season.


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