Plenty of hot water for the whole family

Now there’s plenty of hot water for the whole family

Fact box

Villa: One-story house with a furnished cellar, built 1969
Living area: 127 m2 plus 153 m2 of additional space
City: Örebro, Sweden
Household: Array
Type of heat pump: Diplomat Optimum G2
Hit pump was installed: March 2009
Source of heat: Geothermal heating

Access to hot water is an important aspect of daily logistics in any big family.

The Wigren-Jakobsson family

Soaring utility bills and constant problems with a lack of hot water were the main reasons why the Wigren-Jakobssons switched to geothermal heating. Access to hot water is an important aspect of daily life in any big family. With the Diplomat Optimum G2, they have obtained the most effective solution available on the market to produce a lot of heat and a lot of hot water. An additional advantage is a dramatic reduction in heating costs.

“Previously, no more than two of us could take a consecutive shower. After that, we had to wait long hours for the water to heat up again. And it was no fun when the electricity bill came in…”, Helena Wigren still remembers.

We are extremely happy and are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of our geothermal heat pump for many years to come.” - Helena Wigren

Today, the situation has changed dramatically. In spite of growing teenagers with their frequent sports activities and need for regular showers, the lack of hot water is nothing but a memory. At the same time, the family is enjoying savings of at least 30,000 SEK annually.

After carefully researching the various options, the family chose Thermia as their preferred supplier, impressed by the quality of advice they received and the straightforward approach of the representative. Once the decision had been made, it took less than three weeks for everything to be installed and ready for use.

“The various proposals we looked at all showed more-or-less the same savings calculations, but Thermia also gave us the best price. Besides, they were the best at answering our questions. After we’d made up our minds, everything went really quickly and smoothly. We always knew when they’d be coming and they really stuck to the time schedule.


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