50% reduction in energy consumption

50% reduction in energy consumption by switching to a Atec

New heating system

In 2004, the Heldal family moved into a newly built detached house on Fana in Norway. The detached house has a total living area of ​​235 m²,, with 191 m² on the ground floor and 44 m² on the first floor. The heating system is a combination of underfloor heating with a stoneware oven in the living room and an old, inherited antique cast iron oven in the kitchen, which complements the style of the home. A heat pump was installed to provide the floor heating. In the summer of 2014, a severe storm caused major damage to the electrical system. It also ruined the heat pump, which had to be replaced with a new one. After the family had carefully considered a range of different options, they settled on Thermia Atec.

“We chose Atec due to its impressive operating record and received excellent help from Thermia’s representative” – Tormod Heldal

Thermia Atec

"We chose Atec due to its impressive operating record and received excellent help from Thermia's representative, Per Steinar Nordaas, who dimensioned the heat pump. After receiving the dimensioning report, we contacted Petter Sande at TPA Plumbing Service", Tormod Heldal explained. "We chose them because they have a highly skilled team and always work to a high standard. Petter Sande did all the plumbing in the house and took care of all the technical issues."
Tormod Heldal is delighted with both the Thermia heat pump and TPA Plumbing Service: “The Atec heat pump is significantly better than the old heat pump. After the first winter of operation, our energy consumption halved and, most importantly, it is significantly quieter than the heat pump we installed when the house was built."


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