Outstanding heating efficiency

Great heating efficiency, thanks to a Thermia heat pump

The home and heating demand

The old oil heating system was replaced with an air source heat pump, a Thermia Atec 13. In addition to the heat pump, an indoor "Plus" kit was installed (Plus: electric auxiliary heater 3-15 kW, Class-A circulation pump, 3-way valve), as well as a 300 liter domestic hot water tank. The owner decided to remove the old solar installation and use the heat pump as the only source of heating and domestic hot water for the house.

With Atec, Thermia’s air-source heat pump, this Slovenian family is able to save up to 2,000 Euros every heating season.

The seasonal performance factor (SPF) matters – day-to-day measurements

In this case, the seasonal performance factor for the 12-month period was 3.3. Calculating the SPF takes into account all the energy consumed in heating the house, producing hot water and auxiliary heater consumption, as well as the energy used for defrosting the outdoor unit during cold months.

“SPF is the best way of measuring the true savings a heat pump provides... this case study provides real figures and not theoretical figures taken from a datasheet”, explained Yasin Jodeh, technical manager at Atlas Trading d.o.o.


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