33 trouble-free years

After 33 trouble-free years with their first heat pump, the Josefssons are looking forward to more of the same with their new heat pump.

Fact box

Villa: Single-story wooden house built in 1979
Living area: 127 m2
City: Tranemo, Sweden
Household: Array
Type of heat pump: Diplomat Optimum G3
Source of heat: ground source - horizontal loop

The first heat pump was installed in 1979 and the second in October 2012

The Josefssons

The Josefssons had their first Thermia heat pump installed way back in 1979. Now, after 33 years of trouble-free operation, the choice was very easy for them to make when the time came to change their faithful old heat pump for a new one. “We have had the Thermia JBC400M heat pump for 33 years. It has worked with no problem whatsoever. We never even had a blown fuse. Apart from operational safety and reliability, we enjoyed very good service from the Thermia representative. Because of that, we never looked beyond Thermia when we decided to replace our old heat pump”, explained Sten-Åke Josefsson.

“Everything has worked perfectly throughout all these years. My wife and I are extremely happy and we will never change our heat source.” - Sten-Åke Josefsson

Their new heat pump is a Diplomat Optimum G3, which is the very latest model and offered exactly what the Josefssons were looking for. Obviously the environmental aspect was important, although the couple thinks that the best feature of their heat pump is that it is quiet and maintenance-free. The fact that they have been receiving excellent service from their Thermia representative for the last 33 years made them comfortable about their choice.


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