The Carlsson Family

Heat pump creates more time for the family

Fact box

Villa: 1.5 storeys with a furnished cellar, built 1960
Living area: 112 m2, plus 148 m2 of additional space
City: Laholm, Sweden
Household: Array
Type of heat pump: Thermia Atec air-source heat pump
Hit pump was installed: Oil-fired boiler and pellet stove

“The pellet stove was quite new when we bought the house, but it needed a lot of work, which we felt was way too much." Mattias Carlsson

When the Carlsson family moved in to their new home, they were using an oil-fired boiler and a pellet stove to heat the house. The boiler was approaching the end of its working life and the pellet stove required a lot of attention.

After they had changed to an air-source heat pump, Mattias was able spend more time with his family upstairs in the house rather than spending hours attending to the boiler in the basement.

“…we wanted to simplify our daily life. That is why we wanted to have a heating system that would take care of itself as much as possible. And we don’t need to do anything with our heat pump…”

Also, because we have a kid with special needs who requires constant attention, we wanted to simplify our daily life. That’s why we were looking for a heating system that would take care of itself as much as possible. We don’t need to do anything with our heat pump. It produces heat when we need it and generates hot water really fast. It is just perfect for our needs.” - Mattias Carlsson

The family explored various options but the Thermia representative made the best impression on them. They felt that he was really interested in their situation and was not just pushing to sell his heat pump. What was even better was that his heat pump clearly demonstrated the performance and benefits they were looking for, which closed the deal. The sales rep promised rapid installation – and he kept his promise. The family had both heat and hot water within 24 hours of the start of the installation.

“Everything went really smoothly. Although we’ve only had the heat pump for a couple of months, I would happily recommend it to others. As this is our first heat pump, I can’t compare it to another model. However, this one meets all our expectations and needs and we haven’t given it a moment’s thought since it was installed, so we can only be happy about it.” - Mattias Carlsson


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