Performance that speaks for itself

Low-carbon heating and cooling system for a single family home

New luxury private residence

The investor was building a new house and decided to use a renewable energy source. The house has a living area of 235 m² and is located in the town of Domžale, central Slovenia, around 15 minutes from Ljubljana and the same distance from the Alps. The homeowner was very well informed about different types of renewable energy sources, as well as about the energy demand of his new home. The basement features a home spa with sauna, fitness machines and a Jacuzzi, which requires heating throughout the year.

“…we ultimately succeeded in satisfying the homeowner and providing all the requested functions. Moreover, when we measured the SPF again three years later, it was 4.17 – the perfect result.” – Yasin Jodeh, Technical Manager, Atlas Trading d.o.o.

Real operational savings – performance that speaks for itself

After carefully examining all available options, the homeowner decided on Thermia. The system proposed by Atlas Trading was based on the Thermia Diplomat Optimum G3 8kW ground-source heat pump with passive cooling module and met all the project requirements
In the three years following installation, total energy production was 95,000 kWh. Over the same period, total energy consumption – including the system circulation pumps, submersible groundwater pump and passive cooling – was 22,777 kWh. This even included powering the pump used for watering the grass on the property. Taking account of all functions provided by the system, the SPF (Seasonal Performance Factor) is close to 4.17, which is an excellent result.


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