Low carbon heating

A place where a green residential area lives with green technology

Uuesalu means privacy and nature

Uuesalu, a residential area is located just 8 km from the city center of Tallinn. Domestic bliss, tranquility and friendly locals are only a few of the keywords conveying the atmosphere of the Uuesalu residential area. It is very popular among young people and families with children, as the area has private and spacious sized housing, plenty of greenery and a well thought out infrastructure.

“We found the Uuesalu Kodu development project on the internet by accident and looking at the pictures of the houses – we were immediately smitten! Impressed by not only the architecture and the choice of materials, but the geothermal heating, stone roofs, wooden fence and tasteful decor“ says Stanislav Kalov, whose family was the first client for the Uuesalu Kodu development.

Low carbon heating in a modern, energy efficient homes

Many of the buildings in the Uuesalu Village are semi-detached houses or terraced houses built within the last five years. The developer, in keeping with the surroundings decided on a ‘Green build’, for Uuesalu – all the homes, mostly one story, are wooden or stone lined. “The choice of materials, durable and long-lasting, contribute to a healthy living space, allowing for excellent sound insulation“, – says Janar Muttik, board member of Uuesalu Development Ltd.
The housing envelope and infrastructure has been planned with a green and nature-friendly bias. All the homes are well insulated, fitted with triple-glazing in plastic frames for low heat transfer. The homes are all equipped with Thermia Diplomat or Thermia Diplomat G3 ground source heat pumps with integrated hot water tanks. Renewable energy comes from a ground collector – a horizontal loop buried about 1,5 meter below the surface. 'All tenants will benefit from the renewable heating system' – says Toomas Kibus, head of renewable energy & heating at Airwave.


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