Thermia Atec slashes heating bills by up to 67%

Tenants enjoy instant comfort from a Thermia heat pump from day one

One heat pump and two success stories

Jesenice is a Slovenian town located in the north of the country, close to the Alps and bordering Austria. It has a population of 13,000 inhabitants and is renowned as the Slovenian home of mining and iron forging.

Two housing associations from the Jesenice community committed themselves to reducing their heating bills. This is the story of how two independent residential buildings implemented the same solution for domestic hot water production.

“Costs plummeted by 70% resulting in the original investment being recouped in just 3 years.”

Using the two residential buildings in Jesenice and Koroska Bela as examples, return on investment can be clearly measured in terms of what the heat pump delivers in practice, what the results of its operation produce and the scale of the savings. In both cases, the same air-source heat pumps were installed and provided comparable results.
Alongside the cost savings they enjoyed, the residents also achieved independence from their former energy supplier. Because the heat pump fully supplies the demand for domestic hot water, there is no need for additional hot water provided by the district heating network. The bills clearly show how much electricity was consumed by the heat pump each month, resulting in costs falling by an incredible 70%.


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