Thermia Calibra Eco sets a new environmental benchmark

Thermia Calibra Eco sets a new environmental benchmark

Thermia has been a pioneer in heat pump technology since their first entry into the heat pump market in 1973. Building on that experience, Thermia has now launched the world’s greenest and most environmentally friendly heat pump.

Geothermal heat pumps are one of the most effective energy sources for heating, cooling and hot water for buildings. Thermia has now pushed performance even further with the introduction of Thermia Calibra Eco. With a GWP* (Global Warming Potential) of 628kg, or less than half that of comparable heat pumps, this development marks a major step towards a more sustainable future.

Ever since Thermia was founded almost 100 years ago, the company’s success has been built on its ability to constantly innovate. Calibra Eco represents the latest breakthrough in heat pump technology. It is the world’s first and only ground source heat pump with a green performance (low GWP*) that meets the forthcoming EU regulations. With its extremely low environmental impact, the new heat pump satisfies an immediate need for more efficient energy production. At the same time, the long working life of heat pumps means that this latest innovation will be making a positive contribution to sustainability for generations to come.

GWP stands for Global Warming Potential and is today the most accurate way of assessing environmental impact. It is quantified in kilos of CO2 or CO2 equivalents. Thanks to its unique design, Calibra Eco requires less refrigerant** than other heat pumps. This results in an extremely low, unsurpassed CO2 equivalent.

Thermia Calibra Eco is an inverter-driven ground source heat pump with capacities ranging from 2 to 16kW. This makes Calibra Eco ideally suited for installation in new, energy-efficient houses as well as retrofitting into existing buildings.

The inverter technology used in the heat pump achieves outstanding results: With a new green technology and outstanding performance, the new Calibra Eco heat pump is a perfect alternative to traditional heating solutions for all homeowners. At maximum efficiency, it can generate up to six times as much energy as it takes from the ground. Very few energy solutions in the world can match this performance. This means that Thermia did not need to sacrifice performance in the interests of sustainability. Calibra Eco is expected to have wide appeal for European families looking for reliability and efficiency in home heating, while also wanting to minimize their impact on the environment.

Thermia Calibra Eco offers the fastest and most cost-efficient hot water production in its segment. For homeowners and families, that means plenty of hot water, delivered faster and at considerably lower cost. With the built-in water tank Calibra Eco delivers 260 liters of hot water. In daily use, this means meeting high demand for hot water in the morning or evening is not a problem. And if even that is not enough, Thermia Calibra Eco is also available in a Duo variant with a dedicated MBH Calibra hot water tank with an additional 200 or 300 liters of water.

In Sweden, the majority of buildings already feature heat pumps. The launch of the new Calibra Eco range supports the continued expansion of this advanced, extremely energy-efficient technology into other European countries. Because so many homes and other buildings can benefit from heat pumps, wide adoption of the ultra-efficient new models can make a significant contribution to further improving the country’s CO2 balance.

Thermia Calibra Eco is available from February 1, 2021. Certified Thermia installers will help specify the right Calibra Eco version and prepare specific calculations on the savings potential for your household.

* GWP, Global Warming Potential, is the amount of heat a greenhouse gas traps in the atmosphere compared to the heat trapped by the same amount of CO2, which is the reference gas with a GWP of 1. The lower GWP the refrigerant is more friendly for environment.

** Refrigerant used in Calibra Eco is R452B, a low GWP refrigerant with excellent energy transfer performance and fully in line with new European environmental policy (F-gas Regulation from 1 January 2015).

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