9 important milestones in Thermia's history

A century of progress, from 1923 to 2023. Here’s how it all began and just a few of the significant milestones along the way, which show how, at each stage, we were ahead of our time.





Per Anderson presents a ground-breaking new approach to heating and shows the world what tomorrow’s heating looks like.

Coke-stoves, water heaters and heating pipe boilers lead the way.




Thermia is granted a patent for a highly innovative air preheating device for stoves.




In 1960, Thermia took its first steps on the European market with boilers and hot water tanks.

Thermia’s main export markets at that time were the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, England and Austria. In the 1960s, Thermia opens its own representative offices in Munich and Hamburg and participates in the trade fair in Vienna.





For decades the development went on in Arvika and, in 1973, the first integrated heat pump saw the light of day. Yet another ground-breaking innovation – water heater and heating in the same unit. Finally!




Thermia Online is launched. The first remote control software, that makes it possible to manage and monitor heat pumps from anywhere.





The Thermia R&D Center is inaugurated in Arvika. Here rigorous testing and development of software for heat pumps still takes place. The original Thermia facilities, which hosted the production from 1923 to 1968 are revived and opened to the public as the Thermia Museum.




Revolutionary HGW (hot gas water) technology is used in the Thermia Diplomat Optimum G2, delivering more hot water and lower energy consumption.




The world champion of residential heat pumps Thermia Atlas is launched, breaking the previous limit of performance for heat pumps with an SCOP of 6.15. Same year Calibra – also nicknamed the replacement heat pump – is launched.





Thermia is the first heat pump manufacturer in the world to use the climate-friendly refrigerant (R452B) Calibra Eco, reducing the Global Warming Potential (GWP) and making the heat pump an even better environmental choice for cooling, heating and hot water.

Ahead of our time

We celebrate 100 years of innovation and continue our journey with tomorrow’s heating solutions. One step ahead. Welcome to the future.


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