A low-carbon solution for a sunny home

Beautiful villa situated in the hills overlooking Madrid with 100% renewable energy

Fact box

Heating demand: 143 326 kWh
Cooling demand: 35 831 kWh
Functions: heating, hot water and cooling
Applied renewable solution:
• Thermia Mega XL (21-88 kW)ground source heat pump
• 750 TW-C water heater from domestic hot water
Heating / Cooling distribution system:
• Underfloor heating
• Underfloor cooling
Completion date: October 2016

“Thanks to Thermia Mega’s modern and efficient geothermal energy system, house owners can enjoy comfort all year round with a low carbon footprint and real money savings”, said Miguel Madero Wage, General Director at Girod Geotermia.

A low carbon solution for a sunny home in the Spanish mountains

It is easy to think of Madrid as a place of constant warmth and sunny skies. However, Madrid is actually surrounded by snow-covered mountains, where you can ski for most of the winter. This same mountain forest is home to a newly renovated 1,200 m2 villa. The traditional option for heating this kind of property has always been oil-fired boilers or even wood.
The Thermia Mega system not only deals easily with periods of high heating demand, but also provides an asset value for the property that has been renovated to the highest standards of construction and design. The cash savings, the value added to the property and the increased comfort will thus result in a quick return on investment, compared with any other alternative.


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