All smiles at Giggles Creche

All smiles at Giggles Creche, thanks to Ashgrove Renewables

The Giggles Childcare Centre

“What was needed was a lower running cost system. The weather compensation control is a predictive control and this helps increase the energy efficiency of the system.” Peter Russell, Sales Representative at Ashgrove Renewables

As a result, the conventional gas system was replaced with high-efficiency, air-to-water twin heat pumps and energy-efficient weather compensatory control. The team installed two energy efficient Thermia Atec 16kW air source heat pumps in a masterslave system. This was combined with a 300-litre cylinder and buffer tank, a sensor kit, as well as accessories required to run two heat pumps in cascade.
The goal was to achieve a minimum of 50% savings in running costs compared to the previous conventional system. The feedback from the client has been positive, with Giggles stating significant savings that have cut costs from 9,000€ to 2,600€ during a corresponding seven month period.


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