Ceramic products and geothermal technology

Modern ceramic tile-laying products and geothermal technology in one building

Butech – faithful to its environmental commitment

Butech was created in 2001 as part of the Porcelanosa Group with the aim of supporting the work of all professionals involved in the ceramic tile-laying sector. The company offers a wide range of materials and construction systems covering the needs of homeowners, installation specialists, builders and architects.

“Inspired by their environmental core values, Butech decided use geothermal energy for heating and cooling. The results are impressive: 75% energy savings.”

Energy efficiency, comfort and environmental footprint awareness

Part of the Group’s philosophy is to take a leading role in the introduction of innovative, environmentally friendly products and processes. Given its awareness of the importance of energy saving and energy efficiency in the consumption of resources, Porcelanosa Grupo continually invests in improving its facilities. In 2008, Butech decided build a new headquarters, office and showroom. Inspired by their environmental core values, Butech decided use geothermal energy for heating and cooling.


“The customer’s willingness to innovate and the solutions provided by Thermia made it possible for Butech in Spain to pioneer a high-performance geothermal system”, explained Miguel Madero Wage, General Director at Girod Geotermia.

Extending to over 3,200 m2, the Butech headquarters feature a geothermal system with 36 boreholes 120 meters deep, which feed the building’s HVAC system throughout the year. Heating and cooling is provided by seven independent ground-source heat pumps operating in master/slave mode.

The energy need for one year was 462,805 Kwh and total electricity consumption of the installation including circulation pumps was 116,870 Kwh. This is a Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) of 3.96 and represents a saving of 345,935 Kwh per year, which translates into a 74.75% energy saving.


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