Hotel and spa in the heart of the Tuchola Forest

Hotel Notera

Environmentally friendly

In the heart of the Tuchola Forest, a new hotel has been created that offers superb services and attractions of the highest standard while making strenuous efforts to support sustainable development and the natural environment. The Notera Hotel SPA is a newly built hotel, designed with a strong focus on environmental and health-promoting concepts.

The name of the hotel comes from the word “nôtëra”, which means “nature” in the local Kashubian dialect.

“Green” technology that cools and heats

Featuring an ideal blend of design and nature, the facility offers a captivating view of Lake Charzykowskie, modern architecture and innovative solutions. The hotel is situated in the heart of the Tuchola Forest, just 125 km from Gdańsk and 110 km from Bydgoszcz, just to the northwest of Chojnice. 78 comfortable rooms and suites, a spa area with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam bath and infrared sauna, a restaurant and banqueting hall and a rich array of local attractions make it the perfect place for a family break, romantic weekend or for hosting a conference.

The new energy management solution enables the Notera Hotel’s owner to offer services of the highest standard and at low operating costs while maintaining a clear focus on environmental protection.

The Notera Hotel made sustainable development and environmental friendliness a central part of its concept from the very beginning. A range of innovative environmental solutions has been deployed at the hotel to minimize any adverse impact on the surroundings. Among other things, these include ground-source heat pumps, rainwater recovery, heat recovery from swimming pool water, energy-efficient lighting throughout the facility and UV lamps for pool water treatment.

The hotel also works hard to minimize waste generation and operates a waste sorting system. Because it operates throughout the year, the Notera Hotel needs both heating and cooling. Right from the start, the developer planned to use renewable energy sources. As a consequence, the hotel features state-of-theart ground-source heat pumps with inverter technology, which constantly adjusts heating output according to real-time demand.


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