London apartments with renewable energy

Comfort through renewable energy with a reduced environmental footprint.

Oakhill Park apartments

Oakhill Park is a luxurious property from the moment you walk through the door. Complete with concierge services, underground parking, private residents’ gym with state-of-the-art equipment and picturesque gardens, providing space for tranquility and relaxation.

“Oakhill Park has achieved a Code 4 rating for sustainable homes. This is the highest level locally for a new development in terms of reducing energy needs while producing 44% less CO2 than a gas-based system.”

Making ground-source heat pumps affordable

Ashgrove Energy (Thermia’s reseller for the UK and Irish markets) designed an innovative energy solution for Oakhill Park in London. Three 42kW Thermia Robust ground-source heat pumps provide all the heating via the underfloor heating system, as well as covering the hot water requirements for the 60 apartments. The system provides heating and hot water to each apartment at a lower cost than gas and with a 44% reduction in CO2. The combination of the heat pump technology, recovering waste energy and the backup gas boiler allows for the perfect balance between capital investment, low energy use and financial savings.
“This is a unique system design based on the mature knowledge accumulated in the Nordic region, where air/ground-source heating and cooling have been the norm for decades. Using their proven philosophy, we can use smaller capacity heat pump equipment, ensuring radically reduced capital outlay and payback periods. Carbon compliance was the initial challenge for this project, which was easily achievable with ground-source heat pumps provided the system was carefully dimensioned. As the electricity grid rapidly decarbonizes, heat pumps will deliver close to zero carbon heating in the very near future”, explained Shane Murphy, Managing Director of Ashgrove Energy Ltd.


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