Modern spa with eco heating system

Modern spa resort with a contemporary eco heating system

The Strömstad Spa

24,000 m2 of hotel rooms, SPA, offices, shops and apartments heated by Thermia heat pumps.

Strömstad Spa is a state-of-the-art hotel with 232 rooms and extended spa facilities. The spa itself covers 2,000 square meters across two floors. It is the only Decléor Flagship Spa in northern Europe and offers most spa treatments and products.

“24,000 m2 of hotel rooms, spa, offices, shops and apartments heated by Thermia heat pumps.”

All-year-round comfort from Thermia

Our innovative heating system based on heat pumps uses sea water with a temp of 0-5°C in the winter and 15-20°C in the summer. That is enough to provide outstanding energy efficiency and a high level of comfort for the property, all year round”, explained Olle Olson, technical maintenance manager at Strömstad Spa.

The hotel and spa are heated by Thermia ground-source heat pumps. 18 Robust heat pumps with a total capacity of 715 kW provide heating, cooling and hot water to 24,000 m2 of hotel rooms, the spa, offices, shops and apartments.


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