New office benefits from a renewable energy

New office benefits from a renewable energy from Thermia

Efficient heating and cooling was a must for this 21st Century construction project.

MicroStep manufactures and supplies CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines equipped with plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet and 3D milling technologies.

The company decided to build their new office in Bad Wörishofen. The most important investment requirement was maximum savings using renewable energy and maximum efficiency in heating and cooling the building.

“When MicroStep Europa decided to build a new office in Bad Wörishofen, the main criteria were energy efficiency and sustainability.”

. After intensive research, the decision was made to go with Thermia heat pumps. The decisive factors were Thermia’s nearly one hundred years of experience in the heating industry and over 40 years of experience in heat pump design and manufacture. The demands and expectations placed on the heat pumps were high. Not only were they necessary for heating and cooling but also for domestic hot water production.

“The first season has already proved that investing in a Thermia air-source heat pump has paid off. Along with its perfect functioning and total reliability, it also has exceptionally low energy consumption”, explained Ondřej Kučera, business development manager at IVAR CS.

The Thermally Active Building Structure (TABS) system used in new office integrated indoor climate management into the fabric of the building, minimizing the need for conventional technologies. Thermia Atec heat pumps are used to provide heating, hot water and cooling.




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