Renewable student residence

Students benefit from a renewable energy solution from Thermia

Thermia Mega – the most efficient solution for heating and cooling

Located in the municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón near Madrid, the brand new Montegancedo student residence has 1,200 m² of usable space and comprises three floors: basement, ground and first floor. The ground floor contains office space and a private residence. The ground floor has twelve apartments and the first floor ten. The building requires heating, cooling and hot water all year round and the distribution system uses fan coils.

“Thanks to Thermia’s modern and efficient geothermal energy system, students can study in comfort and the management of the student residence is able to offer extremely low-energy housing that is sustainable while also saving money.” architect Javier Ruiz Chércoles

The heating and cooling system is based on Thermia Mega L (14 – 59 kW), a new commercial ground-source heat pump with inverter-driven compressor. The main advantage of this heat pump is that it can continuously adjust heating or cooling output to current demand, which means that the heat pump can supply 100 per cent of the building’s energy requirements. In addition, the Thermia Mega can also provide simultaneous heating and cooling. If the primary function is cooling, any heat surplus is used to produce hot water. The system is able to swap between the hot and cold tanks without using energy from the boreholes.
The new energy solution has enabled the management of the Montegancedo student residence to offer extremely energy-efficient housing that is sustainable, renewable and guarantees superior comfort in its apartments. If the system’s energy and carbon values are compared to a conventional installation using a gas boiler, typical air-conditioning unit and solar panels, the energy saving and CO2 emissions for primary energy are 85,679 kWh/year (63%) and 20,777 kg CO2 emissions (56%).


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