State-of-the-art rehabilitation center

The RECAL Foundation’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation center

Step-by-step care at the RECAL Foundation… therapy for life

Recal is a private, non-profit healthcare organization. Established in 2001, it boasts a highly professional team of human resource specialists, including doctors, therapists and volunteers. Their shared aim is to help individuals affected by addiction to any substance or behavior to reintegrate into society, including providing family support.

The Thermia heat pump installation has reduced energy consumption, ensuring energy savings of 79%.

Innovative technology provides a comfortably balanced environment.

The new home of the Recal Foundation is a stunning, contemporary prefabricated 400 m2 building, which was designed by the famous Spanish architect Joaquín Torres and cost 1 million Euros.

We like to take care of our patients, the environment and the resources we receive from our patronage. That is why we chose to install a geothermal system from Thermia, which takes care of our indoor climate all year round at a low cost”, commented José Manuel SAINZ Quintana, general director of the Recal Foundation."

The building has attracted local and international attention and recognition as an innovative project, designed and constructed to minimize use of resources and environmental impact.

Everything that has been designed, built and installed in the Recal Rehabilitation center is energy effective, operates efficiently and is of the highest specification. The solution chosen to provide heat and hot water is a Thermia Solid Eco 42, along with two hot water tanks and a Thermia KBH 1000/210 geothermal heat pump, connected to a vertically drilled geothermal field capable of simultaneous extraction and sludge recirculation. The system features energy sensors that greatly improve the ability to capture energy.


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