New Thermia Calibra

New Thermia Calibra

Superior efficiency, outstanding comfort and an ultra-low sound level mean that this unique ground source heat pump has set new standards in its segment, enabling it to slash heating bills by up to 80%.

An advanced control system and the use of inverter technology are part of the secret behind the new Thermia Calibra. With one of the highest seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) ratings, this innovative unit can provide families with an unbeatable level of hot water comfort and proven cost-effectiveness.

“With a SCOP rating of up to 5.8*, the new Thermia Calibra heat pump is a highly pragmatic alternative to traditional heating solutions for low-energy houses. This innovative concept will have wide appeal for European families looking for reliability and efficiency in home heating while also wanting to minimize their impact on the environment. As the new heat pump can extract energy from either the ground or water, it is a dual renewable energy source”, explained Hans Wreifalt, International Sales Director at Thermia AB.

The inverter technology used in the heat pump delivers outstanding results, as Thermia Product Manager Petter Lykken explained: “One of the keys to its impressive performance is the powerful controller that takes full advantage of our inverter technology. The new heat pump can meet the requirements of the most demanding homeowners and is in a class of its own in terms of hot water production. Moreover, the new mechanical design makes the Calibra the quietest heat pump in its segment. During operation, the sound level can be as low as 28 dB, which is comparable to the sound of rustling leaves.”

The inverter technology continuously adjusts the heat pump’s output to current demand, enabling it to supply 100% of a family’s energy requirements. This in turn means that the owner does not need to pay for expensive auxiliary heating.

The new Thermia Calibra offers the fastest and most cost-efficient hot water production in its segment. In domestic applications, this means more hot water is delivered faster and at much lower cost. This is enabled by two technologies developed by Thermia: the inverter itself and tap water stratification with a built-in 180-liter water tank. In daily use, this means there is no problem meeting high hot water demands in the morning or evening.

The model with the built-in hot water tank is available in gray or white. The new Thermia Calibra is also available in a Duo variant with a dedicated MBH Calibra hot water tank. The MBH Calibra hot water tank is available in two sizes: 200 and 300.

Calibra 7 with a capacity of 1.5-7 kW and Calibra 12 offering 3-12 kW are the most compact products in Thermia’s inverter-driven series. All products in this range are ideally suited for installation in new, energy-efficient houses as well as homes that need retrofitting.

Thermia recommends contacting an authorized reseller for an estimate on purchase price and installation, and for specific calculations regarding the savings potential for individual homes.

*Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) according to EN14825, Cold climate (Helsinki), P-design CALIBRA 12: 10,60 kW (B0W55), 11,69 kW (B0W35)



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