Thermia Mega S

Thermia Mega S

At the beginning of January 2018, Thermia launched its new large-capacity heat pump, Thermia Mega S, which is ideal for multi-family houses, smaller houses or small commercial buildings.

"We are continuing our investment in the property sector and further developing the Mega series. With Thermia Mega S (10-33 kW), our portfolio has expanded once again and even more property owners now have the opportunity to purchase an inverter-controlled domestic heat pump of an optimal size to ensure maximum cost effectiveness, lower operating costs and minimal environmental impact", explained Hans Wreifalt, Sales Director at Thermia Heat Pumps.

The Mega series is available in sizes S, M, L and XL. The power range extends all the way from a cost-efficient 10 kW up to sufficient capacity for really big projects. This can be achieved by connecting as many as 16 Mega XL heat pumps to provide a total capacity of up to 1,408 kW.

“Mega is a new, commercial ground-source heat pump that is the pinnacle of innovation and offers the highest energy savings and the best total cost of ownership for many applications in the commercial sector. It features an inverter-controlled compressor for outstanding flexibility and a user friendly, powerful control system with color touchscreen for the best possible indoor comfort at the lowest possible running costs. Together with high reliability and superior functionality, these features ensure that this next-generation heat pump and can compete with the best on the world stage”, Hans Wreifalt added.

With an annual heating factor of 5.72*, Mega is among the very best large-capacity heat pumps in terms of efficiency, performance and design.

*  SCOP Mega S - B0/W35, according EN14825, Cold Climate Pdesign 33 kW

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