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Large Buildings

Thermia customers tell their stories

  • Four Thermia Robust heat pumps, each with a capacity of 42 kW, were installed in the Löfbergs arena in Karlstad in 2012. The heat pumps both warm the huge buildings and cool the ice in the main arena and the training hall. Before the installation of the heat pumps, annual costs for district heating exceeded 1.5 million SEK.

    Energy-efficient team

    Löfbergs Arena is a year-round resort with many activities in addition to its principal role as the home of the Färjestad hockey team. As well as providing heat, the heat pumps provide comfortable coolness in the summertime for the office, conference guests and fitness facilities.

    Energy costs have been reduced by more than 45%.”

  • It is easy to think of Madrid as a place of constant warmth and sunny skies. However, Madrid is actually surrounded by snow-covered mountains, where you can ski for most of the winter. This same mountain forest is home to a newly renovated 1,200 m2 villa. The traditional option for heating this kind of property has always been oil-fired boilers or even wood.

    A low-carbon solution for a sunny home

    Heating demand: 143 326 kWh
    Cooling demand: 35 831 kWh
    Functions: heating, hot water and cooling
    Applied renewable solution:
    • Thermia Mega XL (21-88 kW)ground source heat pump
    • 750 TW-C water heater from domestic hot water
    Heating / Cooling distribution system:
    • Underfloor heating
    • Underfloor cooling
    Completion date: October 2016

    Thanks to Thermia Mega’s modern and efficient geothermal energy system, house owners can enjoy comfort all year round with a low carbon footprint and real money savings” - Miguel Madero Wage, General Director at Girod Geotermia

  • All apartments are equipped with the most advanced solutions in terms of energy saving, as well as high-efficiency solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation.

    The Barrico Residence – renewable-energy apartments

    The Barrico Residence is an apartment complex set in a green landscape and situated near Lake Varese, Italy. The Baricco Residence suits both active people and those who want a taste of tranquility. The complex is perfectly located, close to the historic center and major shopping streets of Varese.

    The Barrico Residence apartments are equipped with the most advanced solutions in terms of energy saving. The use of geothermal energy achieves significant cost savings on heating, domestic hot water and cooling in the summer.”

  • The hotel and spa are heated by Thermia ground-source heat pumps. 18 Robust heat pumps with a total capacity of 715 kW provide heating, cooling and hot water to 24,000 m2 of hotel rooms, the spa, offices, shops and apartments.

    Modern spa with eco heating system

    24,000 m2 of hotel rooms, SPA, offices, shops and apartments heated by Thermia heat pumps.

    Strömstad Spa is a state-of-the-art hotel with 232 rooms and extended spa facilities. The spa itself covers 2,000 square meters across two floors. It is the only Decléor Flagship Spa in northern Europe and offers most spa treatments and products.

    24,000 m2 of hotel rooms, spa, offices, shops and apartments heated by Thermia heat pumps.

  • The new home of the Recal Foundation is a stunning, contemporary prefabricated 400 m2 building, which was designed by the famous Spanish architect Joaquín Torres and cost 1 million Euros. The building has attracted local and international attention and recognition as an innovative project, designed and constructed to minimize use of resources and environmental impact.

    State-of-the-art rehabilitation center

    Recal is a private, non-profit healthcare organization. Established in 2001, it boasts a highly professional team of human resource specialists, including doctors, therapists and volunteers. Their shared aim is to help individuals affected by addiction to any substance or behavior to reintegrate into society, including providing family support.

    “We like to take care of our patients, the environment and the resources we receive from our patronage. That is why we chose to install a geothermal system from Thermia, which takes care of our indoor climate all year round at a low cost”, commented José Manuel SAINZ Quintana, general director of the Recal Foundation.

  • Since 2012, Delta Informatica’s headquarters has been located in an industrial district Spini di Gardolo (the Trentino-Alto Adige) and operates in an office building that uses renewable technology. The office building is provided with underfloor heating and cooling, which is provided by four independent ground-source heat pumps operating in master/slave mode.

    IT services and renewable technology in one place

    Delta Informatica Spa has been operating for over 20 years in the field of information technology and management consulting, offering different types of IT services from phone/online technical support to consulting and advance IBM AS 400 systems.

    Savings compared with natural gas and air-conditioning amount to around 51%.”

  • Today, totally refurbished, the club offers its local and international members a range of high-quality services, varying from private tennis lessons and body-building to hot yoga, cross training, a 25-meter pool, a gym, rooms for yoga, pilates, spinning, petanque, a climbing wall, spa, relaxation area, beauty rooms, meeting rooms and a restaurant.

    Palma Club benefits from renewable solution

    The Palma Sport & Tennis Club, formerly Mallorca Tennis, was originally founded in 1964. It was built by the renowned architect Francesc Mitjans, a native of Barcelona who designed the iconic Camp Nou football stadium and other significant buildings in Spain.

    “Thanks to Thermia’s modern and efficient geothermal energy system, the new Palma Sport & Tennis Club can entertain guests in the knowledge that they are caring for the environment and saving money”, said Miguel Madero Wage, General Director at Girod Geotermia.

  • A variety of sustainable energy sources have been used to heat the building, including solar panels and geothermal heat pumps. The Competence Centre building is and must show itself smart in the way it uses energy.

    Conference Centre powered by heat pumps

    The Rakvere Smart House Competence Centre focuses on developing intelligent and smart technologies for the use of home and office equipment, automated building systems and building management. As well as being a local expert, it also actively participates in different European sustainable energy initiatives and advocates energy efficiency through innovative and smart buildings.

    “Rakvere Smart House Competence Center – the Estonian way to sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.”

  • Part of the Group’s philosophy is to take a leading role in the introduction of innovative, environmentally friendly products and processes. Given its awareness of the importance of energy saving and energy efficiency in the consumption of resources, Porcelanosa Grupo continually invests in improving its facilities.

    Ceramic products and geothermal technology

    Butech was created in 2001 as part of the Porcelanosa Group with the aim of supporting the work of all professionals involved in the ceramic tile-laying sector. The company offers a wide range of materials and construction systems covering the needs of homeowners, installation specialists, builders and architects

    “Inspired by their environmental core values, Butech decided use geothermal energy for heating and cooling. The results are impressive: 75% energy savings.”

  • The previous heating system was based on three pellet boilers with one additional oil-fired boiler as a backup heater. Heat is mainly distributed through the school via traditional radiators and, to a lesser degree, via hydronic floor heating

    Elementary school benefit from heat pumps

    Edane elementary school is located 15 km east of Arvika, Värmland in Sweden. The school has around 100 children, from preschool to 6th grade. The schoolyard is spacious and there is a gravel surface used for football and other games. In the winter, this area is transformed into a skating rink. The Edane school belongs to the municipality of Arvika.

    “We now have a reliable, innovative system that will last for years to come and we estimate a reduction in energy consumption of around 40 MWh per year”, added Per-Inge Andersson, head of education facilities in Arvika.

  • From the beginning, the investor planned to use renewable technology to heat and cool the building. The apartments are installed with underfloor heating and cooling.

    Energy-efficient apartments in Italy

    In Trento, Northern Italy, a new 68-apartment complex has been constructed, partly for rental and partly for sale. The building is located in Monte Capuccini, an old quarry in the city of Trento.

    Thanks to the use of geothermal and solar power, the Cappuccini apartments will long represent a shining example of efficiency, energy savings and environmental sustainability.”

  • Ashgrove Energy (Thermia’s reseller for the UK and Irish markets) designed an innovative energy solution for Oakhill Park in London. Three 42kW Thermia Robust ground-source heat pumps provide all the heating via the underfloor heating system, as well as covering the hot water requirements for the 60 apartments.

    London apartments with renewable energy

    Oakhill Park is a luxurious property from the moment you walk through the door. Complete with concierge services, underground parking, private residents’ gym with state-of-the-art equipment and picturesque gardens, providing space for tranquility and relaxation.

    Oakhill Park has achieved a Code 4 rating for sustainable homes. This is the highest level locally for a new development in terms of reducing energy needs while producing 44% less CO2 than a gas-based system.

  • Wellbeing is a priority at Goldene Zeit as part of the owners’ commitment to creating an ecological environment. The building has been created taking into account ecological and biological building aspects. Heating comes from geothermal energy and part of the hotel’s electricity supply is generated by its own photovoltaic system.

    Ecological journey with the Hotel Goldene Zeit

    The Goldene Zeit is a cameral **** hotel with wellness and seminar facilities located in Georgenberg, Bavaria. The hotel offers spacious rooms presented in unique style and decor. Wellness offerings include various types of massage, health baths and skincare treatments, as well as a canyon room and sauna.

    “We are completely satisfied with the heat pump’s reliability and the excellent service provided by Multitherm”, commented hotel owner Erika Holfelder

  • The total residential area is made up of 8,600 m2 of apartments and 1,400 m2 of other areas, such as the garage etc. The rising cost of district heating was the main reason why the residents started looking for new heating solution

    Thermia Mega renewable – it’s a sensible choice

    HSB Fabriken (Hyresgästernas sparkasse- och byggnadsförening och fabriken) is a housing association in Arvika, a town in Vermland, Sweden. The association represents 11 buildings constructed in the mid-1980s, which are home to around 200 people.

    All tenants now enjoy warmth and comfort in the winter while the housing association is able to save up to 65,000 Euro during each heating season.”

  • The company decided to build their new office in Bad Wörishofen. The most important investment requirement was maximum savings using renewable energy and maximum efficiency in heating and cooling the building.

    New office benefits from a renewable energy

    MicroStep manufactures and supplies CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines equipped with plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet and 3D milling technologies.

    “When MicroStep Europa decided to build a new office in Bad Wörishofen, the main criteria were energy efficiency and sustainability.” - Ondřej Kučera, IVAR

  • Two housing associations from the Jesenice community committed themselves to reducing their heating bills. This is the story of how two independent residential buildings implemented the same solution for domestic hot water production.

    Thermia Atec slashes heating bills by up to 67%

    Jesenice is a Slovenian town located in the north of the country, close to the Alps and bordering Austria. It has a population of 13,000 inhabitants and is renowned as the Slovenian home of mining and iron forging.

    “Costs plummeted by 70% resulting in the original investment being recouped in just 3 years.” - Yasin Jodeh, technical manager at Atlas Trading d.o.o.


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